Author = Mozaffar Sharifi
Effects of auxin and copper on growth of saffron

Volume 6, Issue 19, April 2014, Pages 111-124

Nasim Rezvani; Ali Sorooshzadeh; Mozafar Sharifi

Physiologic responses of suspension-cultured Linum album Kotschy ex Boiss. cell to fungal elicitors

Volume 5, Issue 17, January 2014, Pages 15-30

Sedigheh Esmaeilzadeh Bahabadi; Mozaffar Sharifi

Effect of salicylic acid on flavonoids, apigenin, anthocyanin and carbohydrate in Matricaria chamomilla L.

Volume 5, Issue 17, January 2014, Pages 67-74

Fatemeh Zarinkamar; Azam Abdollahzadeh Zaviehjak; Mozaffar Sharifi; Mehrdad Behmanesh

Enhancement of lignan and phenylpropanoid compounds production by chitosan in Linum album cell culture

Volume 4, Issue 11, May 2012, Pages 13-26

Sedigheh Esmaeilzadeh Bahabadi; Mozafar Sharifi; Naser Safaie; Mehrdad Behmanesh

Comparative study of tropane alkaloids production in hairy roots and plantlet cultures of Atropa belladonna L. by salicylic acid treatments

Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2010, Pages 63-76

Najmeh Ahmadian Chashmi; Mozafar Sharifi; Farah Karimi; Hasan Rahnama