Keywords = Heavy Metals
Effect of salicylic acid on Concentration of nutrients, protein and antioxidant enzymes of basil under lead stress

Volume 8, Issue 27, April 2016, Pages 17-32


Ali Padash; Ahmad Ghanbari; Mohammad Reza Mohammad Reza Asgharipour

Evaluation of phytoremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon and heavy metals with using Catharanthus roseus

Volume 6, Issue 21, September 2014, Pages 111-126

Mehri Askary Mehrabadi; Fariba Amini; Parisa Sabeti

Comparison of potentiality of heavy metals accumulation in the plants surrounding steel industries in the Mahshahr-Bandar Imam road, Ahvaz

Volume 5, Issue 16, September 2013, Pages 41-56

Parzhak Zoufan; Atefeh Saadatkhah; Saadat Rastegharzadeh