Keywords = Chlorophyll
Investigation of some biochemical responses to salt stress in edible onion (Allium cepa L.) cultivars

Volume 13, Issue 2, September 2021, Pages 101-118


Zahra Hosseini; Mohammadreza Zare-Bavani; Ahmad Zare

The effect of Salicylic acid on photosynthetic pigments, contents of sugar and antioxidant enzymes under lead stress in Brassica napus L.

Volume 3, Issue 9, December 2011, Pages 39-52

Monireh Ranjbar; Hossein Lari Yazdi; Sheida Boroumand Jazi

Allelopathic potential of Zhumeria majdae essential oil on brassica napus (Talaye cultivar)

Volume 3, Issue 7, June 2011, Pages 1-10

Nafiseh Omidpanah; Zahra Asrar; Ali Moradshahi

Evaluation of germination, growth and chlorophyll content of Rubinia pseudoacacia L. as affected by petroleum pollution

Volume 3, Issue 7, June 2011, Pages 41-54

Mehri Askary Mehrabadi; Mitra Noori; Fariba Amini; Fatemeh Beigi